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List your property on REDBO to connect with ready-to-move renters in minutes.
Your property will spend less time on the market and more time making you money.​

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Getting Started Advertising Your Apartment

Or Rental Home Online For FREE

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We have the most listings, and you can find things you won't find anywhere else

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Rent a home

Works directly with property managers & find exclusive deals that you won't find on any other apartment listings.

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Sell a home

Whether you choose Zillow offers or another approach, we can guide you to a successful sale

Our Commitment —

Why list my home with REDBO?

REDBO is more than just a rental listing site; we assist homeowners with little or no time or experience in marketing their properties in getting tenant fast. We're the only ones who provide comprehensive customer service and marketing assistance when listing your rental property with us.

Customer service

Our support team will help you complete the paperwork, add open houses, and make adjustments to your rental listing. Our dedicated chatbot, text and email services are available anytime and anywhere.

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Your home is valued correctly

Your home deserves a fair price! Our In-House Realtor Partners will estimate the real cost of your home. Making your listing competitive more than your neighbor's rental listing.

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Free marketing help

We provide for FSBO's , Social Media content, marketplace listing, openhouse printables and mortgage calculations - all for FREE.

Our practical way of us —

Selling your home with REDBO Flat-Fee MLS in 6 Easy Steps

With out seamless process, homebuyers experience no delays or hassle.


Purchased REDBO Flat-Fee MLS


Security verification


List your home and prepare it for sale


Receive disclosures and contracts from the real estate partner


Process MLS


Negotiate and close the deal

Complete Solution for Owners

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So you’ve decided listing your rental home or apartment online for free (can’t argue with the price!) is the best advertising method for you – what’s next?

Add your listing

Be as descriptive as possible in your advertisement!!! People want to know as much as they can about the rental property they will soon be calling home.

Upload beautiful images

Upload pictures of your apartment or rental property! We allow you to upload up to 8 pictures.

Publish your listing

Review your listing once it’s active! Make sure your phone number and address are listed correctly.

Get reservations

You will receive a notification once there is a rental that is interested to your real property and you can contact them directly.

Build a successful business

Once your rental listing is active post a link to it on your Social Media. This will instantly bring attention to your advertisement and let your friends and family know your rental is now available.

Expert Owners Testimonials

We are committed to making our clients happy with our services

REDBO Rentals has increased our booking requests 10 times more than our older website. Thank you for the amazing work!
Jay Simon
happy owner
With REDBO I can run my business without worries. Clients can browse our site easily and requests are coming every day.
Tania Smith
happy client
It's ideal for business clients who simply prefer to pay for transactions only as incurred. They help me managing my time so I'll get more work done.
Gina Roscoe
happy client
With REDBO Rentals can run my business without worried. Clients can browse the sire easily and requests are coming.
Elisabeth True
happy client
Excellent experience. We appreciated the kindness of the owner.
Gina Roscoe
happy owner
Absolutely loved the service, wonderful people, wonderful experience and I can feel that they really want to help me with my rental. You guys are amazing!.
Jay Simon
happy owner

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